Sunday, 26 March 2017

Just a pair of quickly painted 28mm figures. I received these as part of a job lot so other than they are metal and they are 28mm in size I cannot provide many more details as make and range.

The guy on the left is for general steampunk wargaming. maybe for In her majesty's name, Maybe for something else. Only Time will tell.

While the figure on the right could also be used for Steampunk is far more suitable for a generic cop on the streets of an American city. Anytime really for the last 100 years.  Perhaps IF I get the up coming "Mad dogs with Guns!" rules (published soon by Osprey he might fit into that. And then again he may fit into anything from Zombies in the modern word all the way back to the Keystone cops.

That is a quick post for today as I am supposed to be cooking the Sunday Lunch and not blogging!

Best wishes Clint

Friday, 24 March 2017

Russian Civil War stuff!

Yes some more 15mm Russian Civil War stuff by Peter Pig.  And yes there will be more to come.

Today 4 more Cavalry. 2 bases each of 2 figures and a staff car.

Again the staff car is by Peter Pig. It comes in 6 pieces and with 3 crew in addition. Therefore a little bit of work needs to be done on assembly. Having said that all the pieces go together very well and are well cast so it was not an issue.

 Given the number of pieces there was no options, but it does not need any. A staff car is not something that you will need to buy many of for the Russian Civil war. If you were doing Back of beyond wargames you might choose to have a load of vehicles but again the reality is that there would be few and mostly trucks in my opinion.

Again they are painted for Matt (I will be doing my own soon enough), but probably not the Russian Civil war.

I did ask matt what colour he wanted the car and he said Green. I personally would have been tempted with eth a Maroon or a cream and Brown (Two tone) but having said that the green has come out looking quite nice so no complaints there.

That's it for today. Have fun and get the brushes out if you can.

All the best Clint

Post script: The first of my "Not going to Salute" orders has now been placed with Peter pig.  I sneaked it in just before the prices went up. So Knowing the good service they offer I expect it to arrive very soon.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NOT Roarkes Drift (The men who woul be kings)

Sorting out each players units
WelL at the Skirmish show Craig the organiser wanted a Zulu game. so I had to do some improvisation. Firstly to balance the scenario for the rules I improved the British defenders. Firstly I gave them a cannon and then I gave them some Cavalry support. This was enough to bring the game up to a more balanced outing. For the Zulus I increased the unit size from 16 figures a unit to 24 figures a unit!. This would make tem much deadlier in combat and harder to break. But did It work?

Gentleme start your engines
Initial deployment.

I did hear about 4 comment in the day about
 it being set in Spain!
I was just using the buildings I have and NOT spending more money
Maybe that's  frugal.
For me though it was just common sense.

The Zulus approach the compound

And Just manage to break in but are kept at bay by the British
 intensity of fire.

bob Happy to have defended the compound.
Graham and Bob playing British Winn

Changing the players round.
This time the Zulus
Swarm the compound as fastr as possible.


Despite a solid defence by Tim
The Zulus manage to enter in a few turns


Inside the compound the British
Sourounded fight on.

But Numbers are against them

The relief column arrives but not in time to prevent a massacre!


A minor victory for the British in the first game. And a Crushing defeat for them in the second. This meant that Bob was happy to have won twice! As I am sure Graham was. The British defence in the first game was better organised and the Cavalry relief was able to do better, In the Second Game the Zulus were much more aggressive and it served them well. They had taken the compound before the cavalry could make any impact on the game.

Overall the rules worked well and the first outing for MY Zulus (Miniatures) was a success in that they looked good and there were enough. Ok when it comes to Zulu armies enough is NEVER enough.

Overall I think the additional figures in a unit worked well as it did make the Zulus far more potent which in test games they were not ude to the fragility of the unit sizes. If you play "The men who would be Kings" Rules I would recommend either a LOT of cover for the tribal forces OR to increase their unit size.

THanks for stopping by. More again in a few days.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Skirmish (Spring 2017) Show report.

54mm using BRITANS toy soldiers
Skirmish Wargames.
But for me a distict lack of Zulus.
But at that scale who can blame them?
As always the show report is my own view and only expresses my own views and interpretations.

Mostly Just 1 Photo of each game.  (Sometimes 2)

I will do my game report soon!
Promise! (Fingers Crossed)

Milton Hundred wargaming Club.
28mm Maori wars.

Privateers of London I Think
An ACW river boat outing.

I am just not sure

Loughton Strike force
Not sure of the rules, but gridded so perhaps
To the Strongest.

Gravesend gamers Guild.
Some 40k Shinanigans

No Infantry just the Tanks Game.
So much for Combined arms!

Pax Limpopo.
Medway wargames club
28mm weird stuff
including Anachist Nannies with Bombs!

Maidstone Wargames club!
Hill fort

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Spring Skirmish Swag/loot.

There is pitifully little. It is not that there was nothing there, or that I was not in the mood. Just that sometimes I just do not need to spend money to have a good time. I  will not be going to Salute in a few weeks either, but I do have a couple of online purchases planned. Nothing so very much and I am sure I will tell when/if they happen.

So what did I buy?
  • 1 pot of Orange paint!
Yep that is all. No thing else.
However I was given a Churchill Tank
I hope it is 15mm scale. If not no worries.
I have also been promised another 15mm tank (M8 Scott GMC for those very interested!)

I have also been given a set of rules to playtest.  These are the Peter Pig NEW version of Bayonet and Ideology. Graham has suggested I put them on at the club in 2 weeks time. being a completest there are a few things I should get first, just to round out the armies properly as I am short of light mortars and light machineguns armoured cars and Republican Light tanks! And I know the players will always have as many tanks as they can get away with!

Additionally Tim (Club member and IT miniatures owner) Has asked me to paint up some troops for his web site and also to showcase on this blog. Some examples of the casts are shown. I am happy to help a mate out so will do this as soon as he passes some on to me. Some examples were at the show and I will be show them in greater detail when I get to paint them.

That is my news from today. I will do a show report and possibly a game AAR tomorrow.

Best Wishes Clint

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Just writing up the army lists for tomorrows show game.

In the mean time. I have finished a  SotTR Nazi were wolf. I painted this figure just because he was primed and ready and was quick to paint. I do have several more "Just because" figures close to completion. So you will no doubt have to suffer them as well soon.

Anyway a West Wind production figure for the Secrets of the third Reich game. Painted in SS oak leaf autumn camouflage so he should fit in with the others pretty easily. The figure was a gift from my mate Matt and there are no painting suprises here at all.

The base is a mix of builders sand (Cheapest I can get) and the larger masonry blocks are broken bits of flower pot. Again about the cheapest source I can get. They give a nice rough texture and with clippers can easily be cut to  size.

That's it for today. A show report on Monday
Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope to see you soon.
Best Wishes Clint

Thursday, 16 March 2017

15mm White Russian Civil War Cossacks

yes a slight change of pace, but as they are for Matt and NOT myself do not worry they are not a new project!

The figures are Peter Pig 15mm Russian Civil War White Cossacks. There are 20 mounted figures in all, 2 to a base. Matt wanted this very simple base effect to match in with those he already had.  (I was lent a sample base to colour match , not shown). The colour match is not perfesct as I have no idea what paint the guy was using and Matt got the originals from eBay. While not perfect, the colours are CLOSE!

I was also asked to put a blue (and NOT red stripe on the trousers which ready was a finishing touch. Matt has already seen these photos and is happy with the result.

I am also happy with the result. I think he plans to use them with the Peter Pig "Square bashing" Rules. Which are an OK set of WW1 Battalion size set of rules. So if I ever get a game with these I will let you know.

A quick post on Saturday as I am at a show all day Sunday. So most likely just a single figure. Several are close to compleation, but I am not rushing so it will most likely be a Wild West figure but at this stage I just cannot say, it will all depend on my mood tonight and Saturday morning.

Best Wishes Clint

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

VSF Royal navy lboarding party!

I purchased these figures a few weeks ago at the Cavalier show sometimes when you buy figures you just need to paint them almost straight away. These were just such figures.

They will be prefect for "In her majesties name" or if I choose "Rogue stars" (but set in a Victorian setting! The figures are by Ironclad miniatures (LINK) and are the Royal Navy Boarding party. the officers were I will admit bought by mistake (I meant to get specialist weapons) and regular crew.  But at the price it would be ceorlish to complain. 6 figures for £8.50. I will no doubt get the specialist weapons a little later. I will also pick up the Prussian storm troopers and the evil henchmen at the same time. But that is for the future and for this project I have some Artizan Skypirates as well. for when I get the chance to paint them, but they have been waiting a few years now.
More of this later!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Two modern assasins!

These two figures are part of the foundry street vilolence range. I got them as part of a job lot several years ago. As the dust had piled so high on them I knew it was time to paint!

We have a male assassin with a white suit amd an MP5 and silencer slung over his shoulder. He may or may not carry other weapons personally I think he does but he just does not show them. And a female assassin who may be a normal civilian as far as visible weapons are concerned. or she may have a load of hidden weapons under her coat. That is for you to decide.

In my head I have called them "Snowy" and "Two step" I like the way I was able to tie in the colours of the background and the carnation and bow tie on Snowy to the purse on Two step.  It keeps them consistent and at the same time individual.

I will post again soon. (Probably Tuesday). But thanks for looking and with luck I should (fingers crossed have enough blog posts for the whole of this week. BEAR in mind I am at a show next Sunday. So a Show report probably the following Monday.

Best wishes Clint

Friday, 10 March 2017

Yes more Burpas

A total of 20 more figures painted for Matt. All part of his growing "North West Frontier" Project.

A mixture of makes and ranges. Foundry, Copplestone and Empress. And On Burpas I have pretty much run out of things to say.

But a colourful bunch of 28mm colonials. If you have not seen the film then check it out. Jolly good stuff!

So I shall keep it very short at least for now!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Today I am finishing my AK47 army.  I did stop playing AK47 when peter pig re-released the rules back in 2009. There fore I doubt I have ever put anything for this on my blog! (NO JOE NOT A NERW PROJECT! but finishing and old one!). In the "New rules" you are allowed a leader and a bodyguard on the table free of any points charge. In the old rules I was always of the opinion that my "General" would be far to busy elsewhere to make an appearance at the actual fighting. That being the case I never used one. But Under the new rules and as they are free points wise I thought I should get one.

So we have 3 stands for the AK47 Reloaded rules. In my head these are subordinates and not the real general but patsy stand ins used to make the Dictator look good. And I can cope with that!

 So 3 extra stands painted. One stand to represent the dictator himself with a single body guard. I have used the name General "Ukoomba" just as a made up name and not wishing to insult any nations language I just used a name that sounded right in my head. If this is a real word and is seen as offensive to anyone. Let me know what language and I will try to change it.

As you also get a stand of Bodyguards free (points wise) I have 3 body guards on a stand. I gave them white berets to make them stand out as I was not happy with any other colours. Green tended to blend in, red and blue already have far to many uses and yellow is hard to paint so White was my choice.

The last stand is a dead dictator. Just because one came in the pack but I cannot see it ever being used after all my armies never loose and my generals never get shot. No sir to even think so would be treason.


Just to make it officially clear I have stopped playing this. For me it was not working. I appreciate the time and effort you guys put in. But I was finding it more a chore than a joy so I have ceased. I do intend to run a game of some kind in the future, but one that is easier to control.

So just want to say thanks to those who were playing.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Club game ACW (Fire and Fury)

Best Arial view of the battle BEFORE we start
I am in the Bottom left corner.
Yesterday at the club I played a game of Fire and fury. I have played it a few times last was about 8 years ago. I asm a big fan of the no fuss simple rules and would be happy to play more.

Anyway here is what happened!

The Rebels
Left to right are
Bob, Colin and Tim.

And the Union
Again left to right.
My seat, Peter (overall command) and Richard
by far the younger better looking and fitter players
(Stop hitting me Bob!)

My position.
My orders were to hold this ridge!

Slowly the Rebs advance on my position.
My artillery use is pitiful
Peter my Commanding officer tells me I actually
 need to put the metal balls in the guns!

Overall they advance. Bob leading the Way.
And peter coming off of the hill to
engage the enemy more closely
I thought he just wanted those 2 units to die quickly!

And still I wait.

They do creep closer.
Mostly due to bad dice rolls only letting them move at 1/2 speed.

The whole Reb line advances.
Peter looses 1 whole unit and the other runs back up the hill and
fills the gap it had left!

Bobs troops advance on the wood and the hill.
putting the left flank under a lot of preasure

Tim advances into contact.
First he fires at my gun battery and forces them to linber up
While in MY centre his BIG unit charges my weak unit
(Only 6 stands)

A combination of good dice rolls buy me
and bad dice rolls by Tim
forces the big unit off of the ridge line
My artillery is caught while limbered up and destroyed.

Tim was unsoported and his troops that had captured the gun battery
needed to withdraw
His Big unit reformed and charged up the hill again!

He ploughs into that unit and even managed to attck the on behind
The dice gods were not terrible to me but nor did they favour Tim greatly
But both units were pushed back

I was able to pivot my gun
but low on ammunition I rolled the dreaded 1

The Centre of the line Held
As Colin was very unfortunate and could
not advance sufficiently to put it under presure

The Union Left was badly battered and was about to be broken
by Bob. But we ran out of time

 Conclusion: Well we did run out of time so a final outcome will not be known. However, I was in a position to still contest the ridgeline and was even thinking of sweeping down into the left and supporting the Middle. Richard (on the union left) was not in such a position. He was holding on for dear life. (I am sure he will dispute that!) and Bob was pushing through. Both centres had hardly been touched and while Peter had lost a unit (and a half) because of his advance he was still in a good position.

We had to settle on and inconclusive draw. But it was a fun game and I am inclined to try to pick the rules up for myself.

All the Terrain and Models were supplied by Tim.
All the best hope to post again soon.